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Timber Decking Sunshine Coast

Quality Timber Decks

Timber is commonly used to build decks because it has a number of characteristics that make it attractive for deck building. It is smooth, durable and easy to cut, shape and attach. The colour varies from one type of wood to another, giving you plenty of options to choose from depending on what will work best in your backyard. There are definite advantages to using wood over other materials for different types of decks, but there are also disadvantages that you need to know about before committing yourself too fully.


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    Know the Strength of Different Types of Wood

    Different types of wood have different strengths, so it’s important to know what type of wood you want to use before you buy your timbers. This is particularly important if you are using multiple kinds of timbers throughout your decking design because some are better suited for certain areas than others. Whether you are building with timber or steel beams doesn’t matter as long as they’re properly sized for whatever is being supported.
    Our professionals at Pergolas Sunshine Coast will advise you on the best type of wood for your decking.

    Surveying the Decking Area

    The first thing you need to do when thinking about building a deck with timber is assess the space where the deck will go carefully. This enables you to determine the size of timbers needed for posts and beams, as well as how much joint treatment material you will need.
    Once you contact Pergolas Sunshine Coast, we will come to your home, explore the options for with you can help to determine where any problems are that might jeopardise the future of the project.

    A timber deck

    Why Choose Timber over other decking materials

    Timber decks are often regarded as the most beautiful type of decking. They are also popular because they are generally easy to build, have a good lifespan and are cost-effective.
    Timber is naturally resistant to rot, decay and pest infestation. This makes it very durable for outdoor use. It will not warp or crack over time thanks to its strength-to-weight ratio, which ensures stability over time without splintering or warping even in extreme weather conditions
    Timber does wear down gradually with exposure to the elements – so you may notice small splits or cracks appearing over time, but this is perfectly natural and will not affect your experience of using your wood deck. The more often you treat your wood deck surface, the easier it will be to maintain its appearance over time.

    A wooden deck surrounding a pool

    How Costly are timber Decks

    After the assessment, Pergolas Sunshine Coast will provide you with an estimate of how much timber and joint treatment are needed for your deck. Here you have some choices. If you want a more expensive look but do not want to spend too much money on materials, choose recycled timbers for your decking area instead of new wood. These tend to be very attractive and cost less than older woods do. You can also reduce costs by using alternative types of sand or gravel instead of sandstone for your top surface, which helps keep the initial price down even if it does mean you have to buy a bit more material over the course of time.

    Decks made of timber

    Wood Deck Treatment

    Different types of woods require different types of treatment depending on their own inherent qualities and the environmental factors in your area. Woods that are prone to rot or insects or that will be in standing water need special care, so see what works best for your particular decking project. Some people choose not to use chemicals at all, instead opting for natural oils like linseed oil, tung oil or even vegetable oil to season their wood properly. Using chemical treatments is more common than using oils because they last longer and can protect against specific problems better than just time alone. Oiling is a great idea though as long as you use special tools such as orbital sanders to clean and smooth the surface then it’s okay.

    Why Choose Us?

    One of the reasons you should choose Pergolas Sunshine Coast is because of our expert knowledge. We know all about different usages, and which types of woods are best for what. For instance, you wouldn’t use redwood on an outdoor deck where it’s exposed to harsh weather conditions because it could rot or warp.
    The second reason why you should choose us is that you will receive the very best level of customer service from us. You can contact our team no matter what time of day or night it is, and we will gladly give you any advice that you need regarding your project. Our aim is to help you complete your project for your enjoyment, so don’t hesitate to ask!


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