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Eaves Sunshine Coast

Eaves upgrades in the Sunshine Coast

There are always things homeowners can do with eaves in order for them to stay in tip-top condition. These little projects won’t take much effort but will yield long-term results that homeowners will appreciate. The first thing you can do is replace any damaged or rotting wood around your eaves, which is not only unsightly but dangerous as well since it could lead to bigger problems down the road. Another thing you should consider doing is installing aluminium or wood eaves troughs, which are great for directing water away from the building instead of allowing it to run off the edge of your roof into gutters.
More complex project homeowners can do is installing an eaves-trough system, which is a series of gutters typically found underneath decks and shaded areas. Since pets and children often use these areas, they need to be properly guttered to protect people from getting wet or dirty while still directing rainwater away from the house. You also need to make sure you don’t store anything underneath deck overhangs since it will create problems with drainage when it rains.


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    What are eaves?

    Eaves are the overhanging part of a roof where the wall meets the slope. Well, if you have ever been sitting outside and had a drink only to have your glass completely soaked from rain dripping off the roof onto your table. Then this is exactly what eaves are for! They stop all that water coming into contact with our lovely little island’s timber structures.

    Boxed eaves

    How to choose the right eaves for your Sunshine Coast home

    People often think they have to choose between an open eave or a closed one, but there are homes with both types installed – one at either side! So, whatever style homeowners prefer, they will be able to find in Pergolas Sunshine Coast. Most eaves are made from aluminium and look great on any home.

    This is the most common type of eave, and it features openings so you can enjoy the fresh air and natural light while still having some shade for your windows or doors. The open eave offers a little more protection from rainwater running off the roof but people like them because they provide airflow. This style of eave has an angled top that directs wind, rain and debris away from exterior openings such as windows and doors.

    Eaves on a roof

    Open Eaves

    Another type of eave is the open eave, this is similar to the boxed-in eaves except that it leaves a gap between the top of the façade and the bottom of the roofing. This system ensures no rainwater gets underneath your home’s foundation by utilizing guttering which carries away water from downpipes.
    There are two types of open eaves; one is where the end grain faces outwards, which means that if you’re standing inside or on the inside of the building, you can see out of this opening. The other is where the end grain faces inwards, which means that if you’re standing outside or on the outside of the building, you can see what’s on the inside.
    The closed eave features no openings, and its only purpose is to provide shade for windows or doors while still allowing light to get through. This type of eave slopes away from your home, so rainwater runs off quickly.

    Boxed eaves

    Boxed- In Eave

    There are different types of eaves, and one, in particular, is called a boxed-in eave. This type of eave is great for stopping drips coming into your home or stopping leaks from above windows or doors. It also looks neat and tidy, which is very pleasing to the eye when it comes to building something. The manufacturers at Pergolas Sunshine Coast will use such wondrous methods as butt-joints, end grain cutting, powder coating and much more to make sure your home stays dry and looking good!
    Another benefit of having a boxed-in eave installed onto your property is that you will be doing something positive for the environment without even knowing it! That’s because this type of eaves ensures water runs straight off the roof rather than creating puddles around.

    Why Choose Us?

    Our team at Pergolas Sunshine Coast will transform your roof into a beautiful piece of living art. We have been creating high-quality outdoor structures for over ten years. Our expertise and craftsmanship can be seen in a vast range of home projects, from gazebos to carports, soffits to fascias – you’ll find our work throughout Australian homes.
    We offer a wide variety of products and styles – not only do we create sunroom additions that adapt to your lifestyle, but we also supply the most advanced, verandahs, pergolas, carports, patios, awnings on the market today. Our extensive family-owned business offers one-stop shopping for almost any outdoor structure imaginable, as well as installation and product support, all at affordable prices!


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