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Awnings Sunshine Coast

What are awnings?

Awnings are sheltering from the sun to tables, chairs and umbrellas. They are a great addition to outdoor spaces that do not have a built-in shade or need extra shading. When not in use, awnings can be retracted by pulling up on a simple hand rod located at one end of the awning.
A popular style for awnings over dining spaces is a cantilevered arm or basic arm. The latter looks like an ‘H’ frame with the fabric attached at the top to a stationary point and an adjustable moving arm at each side/corner. A domed end finishes off this traditional look while providing protection from weather conditions.


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    How can an awning help your business?

    We have been installing commercial awnings across the Sunshine Coast for many years. We have installed thousands of awnings up and down the coast, so we know what works and what doesn’t.
    • Outdoor dining & cafe seating areas
    Patio areas outdoors for restaurants, cafes and bars
    • Promotional signage on awnings to promote products or services
    • Directly expose potential customers to your product/service in an outdoor environment and much more.
    A well designed and manufactured awning says “quality” to all who pass by, it sets you above the competition.

    Uses of awnings

    Awnings are mostly used to shade patios and decks as well as windows and doors. They are best suited for spaces that do not have any type of natural shadings such as trees, eaves or an overhang. Awnings can also be used in conjunction with other forms of shading, such as blinds and shutters to provide a layered effect.

    Awnings on a window

    Installation requirements

    The manufacturers and suppliers strongly recommend installing all awnings by professionals who understand their use and how they should be anchored to ensure safety and stability. All structures must comply with local building codes, including those for zoning, building height restrictions, construction materials, snow load areas etc. The fabric material selected must also comply with local fire ratings (some fabrics melt) and be UV resistant.
    Our workers at Pergolas Sunshine Coast have the experience and knowledge of local codes and installation requirements to ensure that your awning is installed with safety as the primary consideration.

    An awning used for shade

    Types of Awnings

    Awnings can be made of metal, fabric or canvas (or a combination of them), and the material selected will depend on the look that is required.
    Metal awnings are generally more solid, but they will require maintenance to keep them looking good over time. Fabric awnings offer the most flexibility in terms of colours and patterns, but care must be taken to ensure they are installed using high-quality materials so that water does not permeate through these materials, causing rot or mould growth.
    Some fabrics used for this purpose will also melt under direct heat, so it’s important to check with your installer what material is best suited where you live as well as what type of fire rating will apply if any restrictions need to be observed.

    Orange coloured awnings

    Commercial Awning Installation

    We install commercial awnings across the entire Sunshine Coast region. Our clients range from homeowners through to multi-national corporations. We have commercial awning experience in a wide variety of locations, including shopping malls, car dealerships, cafes, restaurants and many more locations.
    The most common commercial application for an outdoor area is to provide shade or protection against the elements (sun or rain) for patrons walking past or sitting at outside tables. People like to eat outside when it’s warm but don’t like the sun! Restaurants need their customers inside to provide revenue. They know that awnings work!

    Why Choose Us?

    At Pergolas Sunshine Coast, we are a trusted brand when it comes to awnings and pergolas. We offer our clients the highest quality products at the most competitive prices in the Australian market.

    We are a leading outdoor furniture manufacturer of branded market, who has been in this industry for many years. We make outdoor structures such as carports, verandahs, eaves, et cetera.

    Our team is committed to making the whole process easy and enjoyable for you while delivering on time with our two week manufacturing period. We offer no money down (N/D) options on all products.

    All our staff members are dedicated professionals and work with you from initial design discussion through to installation support. Our extensive range of products will meet your needs no matter what the project may be. Our widely experienced team is well trained to provide you with professional advice that you can trust to make sure that your outdoor area not only looks good but functions at its best too.


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