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At Pergolas Maroochy, we have been supplying and installing high-quality outdoor structures for over 15 years. Our experienced team of professionals can assist you in choosing the perfect pergola for your home, ensuring that it is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We specialise in all aspects of outdoor structures, from composite and timber decking to patios, eaves, awnings, verandahs, carports and many more. We only use the highest quality materials to ensure our customers receive a long-lasting product they are proud of. Our workmanship is guaranteed to meet Australian safety standards to give you peace of mind knowing your family is always safe. Contact us today to learn more about our range of outdoor structures and how we can help you create your perfect outdoor living space. We look forward to hearing from you!

Here at Pergolas Maroochy, we provide a wide range of services and products to help you create the perfect outdoor living space. We understand that each outdoor project is unique and take special care to ensure our customers get exactly what they need for their home or business. We use only the highest quality materials on every job we do so that you can enjoy your project for many years to come. All of our workmanship meets Australian safety standards to give you complete peace of mind that your family will be safe when using any structure we have built for you.

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Pergolas Maroochy

Pergolas Maroochy is the leading provider of Sunshine Coast pergola builders.

At Pergolas Maroochy, we offer various services, including outdoor structures, from composite and timber decking, patios, eaves, awnings, verandahs, carports and more. We use the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship to ensure your project is completed to the highest standard. We offer various options, from contemporary or modern designs to classic colonial styles or bespoke creations. Our team will work with you to create the perfect pergola that suits your individual needs and budget. Our experienced team can provide detailed advice on all aspects of design and construction and help you choose suitable materials for your needs. We are dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service, ensuring our clients receive the best possible outcomes from their projects.


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    A wooden pergola and deck

    Composite decking

    Composites decks are an ever-growing trend among homeowners due to their sustainable design, ease of installation, and low-maintenance needs. Composite decking boards are made of recycled wood fibres and plastic polymers that resist decay and splintering. These composite material boards come pre-moulded with realistic graining and colour, making them indistinguishable from natural wood while remaining more robust and durable. Unlike pressure-treated wood decks, the composite material doesn’t need regular sealing or staining, resulting in fewer upkeep costs over time. Additionally, these types of decks are slip-resistant and fade-resistant, allowing you to enjoy them for years without much hassle. Whether you’re seeking a traditional look or a modern aesthetic, composite decking is a popular choice that can help beautify any home.

    A wooden patio

    Timber decking

    Timber decking is a great way to give your outdoor space an attractive and timeless look. It’s perfect for creating a spot where you can relax and entertain with friends and family. With the variety of wood types available, you can create a specific look that will be unique to your home. Wood types range from hardwoods like teak or mahogany which are ideal for harsh weather environments, to more economical options such as softwoods like pine and cedar. The only drawback is that timber decking needs regular treatment with sealers and preservatives in order to maintain its amazing looks whilst protecting it from rot, mould, insect damage and decay. Investing in a well-built timber deck will not only make your backyard look stylish but also add value to your home.

    Concrete patio


    A patio provides an elegant and comfortable outdoor option for any home, business or recreational event. It can be tailored to your specifications with various shapes, sizes, materials and accessories to create a unique space. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to patios; you can choose from numerous features such as integrated fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, conversation areas, custom pergolas, outdoor TVs and more. Patios offer year-round entertainment for friends and family alike in whatever style best fits your lifestyle. Best of all, they add value to your property by creating an inviting atmosphere both inside and outdoors while increasing your property’s aesthetic appeal.

    Eaves on a roof


    Eaves are a crucial part of the structure of a building and serve several purposes. They protect against the elements, often keeping the rain off walls and windows while also providing a small degree of insulation against sound. Additionally, in many countries, eaves are a requirement by law to ensure complete coverage over openings to protect people from accidental falls or objects dropping out of windows. Lastly, eaves have an aesthetic value that provides aesthetic appeal to buildings – they can be elaborately decorated as part of design features or remain plain with just functional use. It should always be considered when working on residential or commercial construction projects as they can come with significant unintended consequences otherwise.

    An awning on a balcony


    Awnings provide a functional addition to any building and add a decorative flair. They can be used to both create shade inside space and direct water away from windows and doors during rain or snow showers. Moreover, awnings serve as an inviting feature for businesses or residences, creating curb appeal and drawing the eye of potential customers or guests. Whilst shopping for an awning, consider the size and location you’ll need it for, the degree of coverage needed, the type of fabric that will best suit your property’s style—whether traditional burlap or modern synthetic vinyl—and finally, whether existing hardware like poles or brackets may already be available. With these considerations in mind, you’re sure to find an awning that fits your taste and budget.

    A pergola attached to a house


    Verandahs have been used for centuries for practical, protective and social purposes. These versatile outdoor structures are popularly seen in many older homes, providing shade from the sun and shelter from the rain. Although traditional verandahs enclose an entire building, modern variations offer partial coverage by extending several metres beyond the front or back entranceways. Often built of wood, latticework or wrought iron, verandahs provide a home with an inviting and stylish look that can appeal visually to surrounding areas. Homeowners should consider a verandah to add character to their property while expanding usable living space.

    Commercial Carport


    Carports are an increasingly popular choice for modern architecture. Ideal for both residential and commercial developments, carports have many advantages over traditional garage structures. They provide a cost-effective solution to protect your vehicle(s) from the elements while taking up minimal space and withstanding weather conditions. Available in a wide range of styles, sizes, and shapes, carports add almost instant curb appeal while offering protection from falling debris or accidental collision with parked cars. Furthermore, their flexibility allows you to reconfigure your carport quickly to accommodate the changing needs of your vehicle fleet. Overall, it’s easy to see why carports are becoming popular for those looking to maintain their vehicles without sacrificing style or convenience.


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