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Patios Sunshine Coast

Patio Builders Sunshine Coast

At Pergolas Sunshine Coast, we strive to ensure that your outdoor looks great by installing both functional and beautiful patios. We are proud of our work, which is the reason why we only use high-quality materials to make sure that our patios are long-lasting.
Our team of experts has years of experience in this industry, so you can trust that it will be made well when they install your Patio. Also, by using premium products for this process ensures that once done, it will look great for many years to come!
At Pergolas Sunshine Coast, our team has a passion to see everyone feel satisfied with the jobs done here – whether it is for commercial or residential purposes or if you want us to help design or build something out of nothing!


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    Different types of patios available

    There are different types of Patios to consider when building a new space. For example, a paved patio is great for children as it teaches them independence and responsibility. However, the downside of this type of Patio is that it’s not very forgiving if someone stumbles or falls off their bike, so consideration needs to be taken with regards to the size of the paved area.
    Another popular choice is a sandstone patio, as they are highly versatile and long-lasting. The fact that they can be manufactured into almost any shape makes them perfect as you can tailor them accordingly depending on your particular designs and features, such as around pools or outdoor entertainment areas. In addition, sandstone patios don’t heat up during summer, which makes sit very inviting!

    How to maintain your patio

    If you want your patio to look as good as new for years to come, you need to make sure that you look after it and maintain it. It is important to use a sealer or waterproofing agent to protect the concrete surfaces so that they don’t erode with time. A high-quality sealer will keep any water from getting into cracks, allowing them to expand and damage your patio. This means there are fewer things you have to do in order to maintain your patio – just check if salt was used on the road nearby as this can cause cracking over time.

    A patios with a cooking areas

    How much does a patio cost?

    The price of patios varies depending on many factors but usually starts at around £50 per square metre of slabs laid. The materials you use will impact on this price too, so if your Patio is near the house, brick paving may be more appropriate than concrete slabs. That being said, concrete slabs are popular because you can do a lot with them in terms of colour, patterning and edging – not to mention their durability.

    Concrete patio

    How should I plan the layout of my patio?

    When it comes to the layout of your patio, there are a few things worth considering. For instance, if you’re using concrete slabs, for example, then they may require support beams underneath them to help avoid cracks and damage due to weathering. You need to consider how people will access your patio as well, such as through sliding doors or perhaps overstepping stones.
    Once you contact our team at Pergolas Sunshine Coast, we will visit your home and advise on the layout of your dream patio design.

    A wooden patio

    The benefits of having a patio

    Having a patio installed in your home or office will give you a place to relax away from the busyness that life brings. It can also give your outdoor area a brand-new look, because it is relatively cheap and easy to install.
    In order for patios to be installed successfully, they have to be made almost exactly as the structure is going to sit on. This means that any changes in level or slope need to be evened out before we start making the concrete slabs – so there isn’t anything uneven. As well as this, our team of experts makes sure everything is level by using laser technology as well as spirit levels. This ensures that once completed, there are no gaps, lumps or bumps – just an even surface for everyone who wants it!

    Why Choose Us?

    At Pergolas Sunshine Coast, we have the experience and knowledge to design and install a variety of different types of paving, including sandstone, bluestone, clay brick or concrete. We have been in business for many years and have the capacity to handle both small and large projects.
    Our team is fully qualified with many years of industry experts, so you can rest assured that your project will be completed on time and on budget.
    We are proud of our extensive experience, which makes us highly qualified to undertake your project from start to finish. Contact us today for a free consultation from one of our experienced consultants who can advise you of all available options so we can create a bespoke design just for you!


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